Garlic and Herb Aioli

This creamy aioli far beats any store bought aioli, and a squiggle goes well on anything and everything.



3/4 cup soy milk (protein plus)

1 cup neutral oil (rice bran or canola)

1 TSB wholegrain mustard

1 TSB maple syrup

Juice of 1 lemon

2x cloves garlic

Handful of fresh herbs - any - especially parsley


Put all ingredients into a blender and season well. Blend for 10 seconds and you will see the emulsifiers in the soy milk bind the oil and water together, forming a thick creamy sauce.

Sourcing Ingredients While Contributing Zero Waste to Landfill:

Garlic, lemon and herbs from your local farmers market or even better - your own garden.

Dried goods (salt, sugar) from your local bulk bin store. Because they are all dried goods you can buy in bulk as they have a long shelf life.

Wholegrain mustard from the supermarket and reuse or recycle the glass jars after use.

That leaves soy milk - and with this you can either

a) buy dehydrated soy milk powders at bulk bin stores which you just add water to

b) alternatively you can buy it in Tetrapaks which are able to be recycled in Auckland as of 2020. You put them in your regular recycling bin and they are sorted at the recycling facility. This new facility has the capacity to recycle all Tetrapaks in NZ, however it isn't economically viable for them to be transported to Auckland as of yet.


There are many variations you can do with this sauce - for example adding half an avocado to the blender, or removing some herbs and adding beetroot to create a vibrant pink cream (too many greens could result in a brown coloured sauce when mixed with the pink).

Variation: Remove herbs and garlic and mustard. Instead add 2TBS tahini, 1/2 inch ginger, and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds when done.


If you'd like to know more about plant-based nutrition, contact us and we can give you the details of some plant-based nutritionists.

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