Auckland Vegan & Vegetarian Catering Company and Private Chef. Plant-based Sustainable Caterer. 

About Us:

The Sustainable Food Co. was born in early 2020 out of the desire to combine two great things in life - food and sustainability - into one glorious fruit. Our aim is to inspire Kiwis to revisit the way, the why and the how we eat, collectively make a change for the better.


We all know that eating more plants comes with bountiful health benefits - it instantly boosts your energy, makes you feel great, increases your vitamin and mineral intake, the list goes on. Pair that with a good conscience from knowing you are supporting improved sustainability practices and reducing your waste to landfill - in our eyes that’s a win win.

We aspire to become one of NZ’s most trusted and exciting catering companies, by delivering contemporary and sustainable food to corporate events, weddings, retreats, private parties and more.

(wherever possible)


New Zealand's first zero-waste catering company. 

At The Sustainable Food Co. we believe it's time to turn a new leaf on what we eat. We are absolutely committed to creating delicious, healthy plant-based food that is sustainable for both you and the planet and most of all we love creating it for you to enjoy. 


What We Offer:

Enhance your event and WOW your guests with our contemporary food and drink menu. We specialise in zero-waste event catering for 10 - 200 people, perfect for weddings, corporate lunches or private functions. 

Recreate a unique, environmentally conscious and personal restaurant inside your own home with our Personal Sustainable Chef. Exquisite entertaining, made easy. 

Auckland Vegan & Vegetarian Catering Company and Private Chef. Plant-based Sustainable Caterer. 

Talk to us about your next event.

We're here to cater for your every need. 

All eaters welcome; we promise to satisfy vegetarians, vegans, and veggie-curious alike - even those who always pick the greens off their plate!

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Between January 15th - Decmber 19th 2020


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Auckland Vegan & Vegetarian Catering Company and Private Chef. Plant-based Sustainable Caterer. 

Auckland Vegan & Vegetarian Catering Company and Private Chef. Plant-based Sustainable Caterer. 

Meet the Chef:

Trained in Environmental Management and a certified Vegan Chef, Amy - Founder and Queen of Everything at The SFC - always knew these two topics combined together like two peas in a pod. Having worked in the food industry since her very first job picking strawberries at 15, and at a NGO tackling plastic pollution in our environment, the amount of waste - both plastic and food - ending up in landfills here in NZ absolutely dismayed her. 

While working her way around the Pacific Islands as a volunteer cook, Amy was using as little plastic as possible in every meal. The more she cooked, the more it became obvious that her love for the kitchen was more than just a hobby, and the idea of delivering waste-free meals on a larger scale back home started brewing. Amy's planning process begun while still travelling the world - she explored and expanded her passion everywhere she went, learning from leaders in the food sustainability movement in Australia, The Cook Islands and continuing in Bali. 


Flash forward to today and now The SFC is delivering zero-waste meals across Auckland, with hopes of expanding and contributing more and more towards the rising movement of sustainable food.

"Food holds this phenomenal power where it really can optimise your own health as well as planetary health. When you get creative and knowledgeable enough to be able to transform sustainable ingredients into a dish that is incredibly enjoyable to eat, it has this extra depth to it where yes it tastes great, but you also feel great because you know you're making a positive difference to planetary health."

~ Amy Klitscher, Founder & Sustainable Chef
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"Amy's menu options are varied and she is very professional.  All food looks fantastic and tastes even better!! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for fresh seasonal vegan fare."

Jodi Pretscherer,

Sustainable Coastlines

"The quality of food is top-notch. The team is friendly and flexible. Not only are the ingredients sustainable, there is zero use of single-use plastics throughout the process. This is a truly eco-friendly food caterer."

Lana Lon,

Health Research Council NZ

"Amy presented a spectacular grazing table for our event that almost stole the show! It was a pleasure to work with her - she was professional, responsive and quite delightful. And the vegan + waste-free values proposition was a perfect alignment. Thanks Amy."

Nada Piatek,

Again Again

"The food was above and beyond what I imagined. It was some of the best food I have tasted in a long time! Amy is super talented I would recommend her services in a heart beat. I rate the food and service a 20 out of 10!"

Ardon England, 

Private Event

"The response was overwhelmingly positive! Amy is such a star making the world a better place by feeding us with amazing food - and all zero waste! Her food even convinced people that would normally not opt for the vegan options. Can highly recommend her."

Denise Richter,

Tonkin & Taylor

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